Happy Hands School for the Deaf is seeking for a Deaf volunteer to assist in teaching and gain experience.   Our aim is to prepare more and more deaf youth to become teachers of the deaf.  We have two volunteer opening starting  for 3 months to 6 months.   The volunteer will perform a number of duties  working with a deaf teacher. We expect mature and skilled volunteer with good track record of communication and Indian Sign Language.

Interested youth volunteer will get free accommodation and meals in the school.  We are based in a rural area so there are certain challenges and that is part of the volunteering experience and very important for your understanding of life, profession, culture and people.    We will not bear any other cost like train,  pocket momey etc.

If you are interested please send your proposal to  Sibaji Panda

send us the following and note the dates

  1. CV
  2. Why are you interested in volunteering  with us? (write in 200 words) or send a video 5 minutes.
  3. Dead line for application/proposal   it is open anytime submission.