HHSD is a special education initiative of Rural Lifeline Trust (Regd.) Established in 2016 HHSD is a unique place to get education through sign language  for students who are deaf or have other hearing and speech difficulties.

Finally deaf education has arrived


National Association of the Deaf, New Delhi

Awarded our school with the prestigious Achievement of the year 2024 Award. Our Director personally received the award from the President of National Association of the Deaf and many other dignitaries in a hall packed crowd.  We continue to thank people who recognise our work and help us spread the quality education movement.


Sibaji Panda

Disrector, Happy Hands School for the Deaf Odisha

In recognition of its Excellence in provision of the Shelter and education for the Deaf.  Awarded Best school for the Deaf In India at the India Deaf Expo 2023. it is a pure team work of the happy hands teachers and students that we reached here.  We thank our sponsors and supporters for the same.

How we’re changing children’s lives

We are making a significant impact on the lives of children by providing them with quality education and empowering them to reach their full potential. The school’s focus on individualistic and student-centric learning is helping children to learn effectively. The school’s activity-based approach makes learning enjoyable and engaging. The innovative activities, games, practicum, and tricks enable children to achieve the desired learning outcomes. Additionally, the school is a sign language school where full access to curriculum is possible. We also help change lives through holistic education and many of our children has shown significant achievements in sports at state and national level. Overall, Happy Hands School for the Deaf is transforming the lives of deaf children by providing them with an inclusive and supportive environment to learn and grow. By prioritizing individualistic and student-centric learning, providing a safe and healthy environment, and offering innovative learning opportunities, the school is helping deaf children to achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Scientifically Appropriate Teaching Methods

Our team's extensive research and experience in Deaf education has led us to pioneer new approaches and methodologies. We prioritize peer-to-peer education, Deaf Multi-literacies, bilingual and bicultural education, and individualistic/student-centric learning. By incorporating Information Technology and a Learning Management System (LMS), we provide interactive learning opportunities for deaf students. Our focus is on optimizing the learning process for deaf children, rather than solely focusing on teaching methods.

Activity Based Learning

Because deaf children rely on visual learning does not mean everything only delivered one sided to them to learn. We use activity based approach to make learning enjoyable. For every subjects and topics we have innovative activities/games/practicum/ tricks to enable children to attain the learning outcomes. Our children are among the best to get an opportunity to learn how to LEARN.

Healthy Food

Being a residential school food safety, food Hygine, healthy food practice is one of the priority for us. We are housed in an eco village called Shikha Eco Village where Organic food is grown and we consume most of it. We minimise chemical based market foods. Our children learn from gardening, vegetable farming and the food is supplied to the mess. We have been able to have zero food based illness and always tries better practice influenced by Eco Living, Eco habits.

Pure Water

Our water comes from river Mahanadi, rain harvested and deep bore well. Depending on the weather and season we consume pure water. Water is life for us and we have managed water harvesting, conservation as well. Our water is filtered through solar filter and we love drinking the clean purified water full of energy.

Love & Care with access

Happy Hands is a place where we have a family away from home. The love and care we get here help us mentally and psychologically stay strong. We have easy access to everyone anytime. Everybody use sign language here and there is no barrier of communication. We love being here and the school love us to be part of it.

Sustainable Living

Well, we have no electricity, round the clock hot water or an air conditioner. However, we have clean and green solar electricity. We use it economically to meet our daily needs. Our water is pushed to tanks through solar energy, our washing machine runs on solar, many of our fans too runs on solar during day time. Our needs are met well even during summer season and we get hot solar water in winter. Can’t ask for more when we have these sustainable life style for us. Life here is beautiful with unique experience.

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